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The trains, they are the things “right around the corner,” when they roll through they carry information, mysteries, fuel, consumer goods – all with graffiti and all with something more. In the end they are the library needed to create the new.





It sprints down the alley. Glyphs, symbols, graphic shapes, tanks, and fighter jets, spilling out onto the ground as it turns. It’s coming for her, she knows it as she keeps working on the graffiti. In another time an alert goes off for the entire Port as an intruder spaceship enters vertically from above – that’s impossible! He follows the mysterious figure into an abandoned military hospital where he ends up being sent back in time, now an inmate on the psyche ward where he’s told he’s crazy. She sent him there to protect him, and to give him uninterrupted studio-time. She needs him to create something that the future will need when the Other Worlds arrive.

BaseWorlds: by Mark Lewis Wagner 

A sci-fi graphic novel in the works


Time has been illegal to deal in forever, it’s not even selling on the black market. But one night she was out taking photographs, exploring empty buildings, throwing down some graffiti on what she thought was an abandoned naval air base when a large unlight unmarked military plane (the Grey Ghost) lands near-by. It’s carrying nuclear weapons and… Time. There is an ambush, an attack by pirates who want the weapons. Things go bad, a shoot out, and massive explosions. She is the only one left alive, and it’s already too late as she slips into the future.

The military industrial complex and humanity are still in their adolescent phase with constant fighting, terrorism, nationalism, and outdated religions. When the Other Worlds arrive the military-political powers rally their forces. With infinite wealth tied up in weapons, with Terminator like movies preparing the world with the fear of being eaten and enslaved, War has never been more ready and eager for another enemy.

But the Other Worlds are simply past all this. They are a highly evolved initiated muti-verse with unbelievable advanced technology. The military equipment simply does-not-works, and within a short amount of time War, weapons, their money and mentality become obsolete and goes out of business.

Something unusual and unexpected happens in the meantime, it’s commerce and trade. What the Other Worlds really want are the Arts. They begin to trade with the artists, designers, and crafts people. A favorite is the graffiti arts – the future is filled with the off-world ships covered in graffiti and beautiful designs. It’s the Energy the Arts have that the Other Worlds want and need. The creative is sustainable, renewable energy, it’s both food and fuel. There is a new design element now in the very fabric of the Universe that connects everything – he created that.

War is not so happy about all of this and sends the beast, which is exactly what she wants.


© 2016 Mark Lewis Wagner All Rights Reserved